Ogni anno si presenta, una volta all’anno, la buona, anzi l’ottima occasione per festeggiare un compleanno!

Molti auguri a Don, che ha appena compiuto 69 anni! Tra un anno, il compleanno, quell’anno, ne compleannerà un numero tondo di cui al momento non ho cognizione.


nel frattempo prosegue, in sontuosi volumi pubblicati da Panini, la sua opera omnia nella lingua dei suoi colleghi Dante e Manzoni?

Ed ecco il messaggio personale che Don ha rivolto un paio, anzi, un tris di anni fa, ai suoi appassionati lettori di tutto il mondo:

“Fans may have noticed that I don’t have a website or my own self-administered Facebook Page because the idea of self-promotion just doesn’t appeal to me.
But Morgann’s Kickstarter for his Duckumentary film is almost over. This is a project like Jano’s books of my old comic strips — the more funding that comes in, the more is poured into the project itself, NOT the more is “left over for someone to pocket”. These are truly fan projects while being learning experiences for a young book publisher or filmmaker. And you folks have been generous with your funding for Morgann’s project! And I thank you on his behalf.

But there is interesting timing here. The Kickstarter ends on June 30. My 66th birthday is June 29. And I get SO MANY nice birthday wishes each year from all of you. And they are MUCH appreciated!!!
But THIS year, how about if, instead of sending me a birthday wish, you wish me a happy birthday by pledging something (or something more) to Morgann’s film? He’s been working on this project literally for years, and he REALLY wants to do a good job and realize his vision on it. I’m not sure if you can help him reach that lofty Euro total that means Blu-ray discs of the final film, but please give it a last-moment TRY. And I will interpret that as your birthday wish to me and be grateful.

Scrooge Mystery

My Kickstarter reached its goal on June 29, 66 years ago. Please commemorate that by helping Morgann reach his Kickstarter top goal on June 30. You can find it at…/the-scrooge-mystery-a-feature