Mica pochi!
Ma come tutti i personaggi dei cartoon non li dimostra per nulla.


Nel cuore della notte pre-ferragostana David Gerstein mi ha messo al corrente di questa interessantissima iniziativa,della quale ignoravo quasi tutto, pur vivendo a pochi chilometri dal luogo in cui si svolge. Per celebrare il compleanno di Betty, “la vamp all’inchiostro di china”, come la definiva nel 1960 Enrico Gianeri (Gec), Tommy Stahtes ha organizzato una selezione di suoi rarissimi cortometraggi, fra i quali uno MAI trasposto in videocassetta o in dvd.

Si tratta del terzo cortometraggio con Betty: Accordion Joe!


Tommy l’ha ricavato da una sua personale copia in pellicola che ha riversato qui. La scena di apertura di questo posto, con Betty e Bimbo, si riferisce a questo film perduto e ritrovato. Nel trailer-teaser sotto se ne vedono delle minimissime sequenzissime.

It’s very important for people to know that the show is at 21.00 Mainland European time. Alle Nove!!!



Cartoon Carnival 94: Betty Turns 90!
Saturday, 8/15/20 at 3pm EDT.
​​Tickets & viewing link here. $10.

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Be’, questi cartoon li conoscete!
Ne mettiamo un po’ a scopo “invogliatorio”.

The Tommy Stathes Cartoon Carnival, going strong since 2009, is up to program #94 this month—and it’s being presented in online streaming form, for all the world to enjoy. Every program is a surprise selection of specially curated curiosities, with live hosting, that’s sure to amuse. This installment is going to be an extra-long show!

It was in August of 1930 that Betty debuted in Dizzy Dishes; first in a more decidedly hybrid canine-human form, with long poodle-like ears. Not long after, Betty would soon evolve into the figure we’ve known and loved best: animation’s first major female lead character, and the silver screen’s famous animated sex symbol. Betty’s worldwide celebrity has endured ever since.

Venture deep into our archival offerings for over two hours of fun-filled classics and rarities. We’re covering all periods of classic 1930s Betty: her salacious early adventures with sidekicks Bimbo and Koko the Clown; appearances with famous 1930s musicians in live action and rotoscoped form; and fun times with Betty’s later cast: the inventive Grampy, her nephew Junior, and Betty’s beloved little dog Pudgy.

This program will provide a super rare opportunity to view a nearly-lost cartoon with Betty that hasn’t been seen by general audiences in decades. We’ll also be sharing archival footage and video featuring behind-the-scenes news items and interviews with some of the creatives involved in creating the character and ensuring her continued fame.

​Be prepared for a Cartoon Carnival that is longer than usual…with more cartoons than we normally show, and all these added archival bonuses!

Join in watching Tommy thread up the old 16mm projector for a trip back in time, and a rare opportunity to enjoy these classic and now-rare cartoons the way they were meant to be seen—projected on a screen, in ‘reel’ film form.

Stream begins at 3pm (EDT); introduction and films begin roughly 3:15pm. The entire program should last roughly 4 hours.


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In questo che segue nei titoli di testa è indicato anche il”nostro” Ugo D’Orsi, che darà un grosso contributo all’episodio Topolino apprendista stregone in Fantasia (1940).