Con il suo stile piuttosto eclettico (semplice, graficamente rozzo e scombinato, sempre aspro) Shintaro Kago ha messo on line, su YuoTube, alcuni dei video più disturbing della storia dell’animazione.
Questo in apertura di post riguarda le lenti d’ingrandimento.


Questo mangaka spericolato, che ama autodefinirsi “artista” (e forse lo è anche) usa una tecnica di rudimentale animazione e, indifferentemente, anche le riprese live, come dimostra il terzo breve video in sequenza, quello delle due amiche al telefono.

Sotto, una tavole da un suo fumetto; di seguito qualche passo di una sua intervista rilasciata a Tomokazu Kosuga della rivista Vice.
Are there any minimal requirements that you have to include? Like, is there a quota of shit-per-comic that you have to meet?
No, it’s just… shit. Basically, it’s a question of how many variations of stories I can come up with that revolve around shit and sex. It’s so fucking difficult. I actually wanted to quit after the first two or three of them that I drew. Shit and sex are merely the starting points, and unless you can tick those off you can’t even begin thinking about a narrative. And I do try to feature sweet young girls as the main characters. That’s about it. I don’t think my manga is all that popular with the readers, though. I mean, the types of people who buy the sort of magazines we’re talking about aren’t really into the kind of stuff I draw.
And you aren’t into this sort of thing sexually at all?
No, I don’t engage in those sorts of activities. It’s not even a fantasy of mine. It just happens to be one of the themes that I use. But I really dig splatter humor.
Do you get off on drawing sex scenes? Robert Crumb famously said that he jerks off to his own drawings.
To tell you the truth, I’m not really into drawing sex scenes, and if I had a choice I’d prefer not to. But when you’re drawing for an erotic magazine, you sort of can’t avoid it. Anyway, the themes that I use are quite extreme and people tend to think that I do that stuff in my private life, but I’m really just trying to establish a voice within the confines of the rules and principles that I’ve been handed.