Finalmente è arrivato!

Diane Disney ce ne aveva fatto cenno un ann9o e mezzo fa, forse avevamo anche citato questo preview in Disney Anni d’Oro, che aveva ospitatola sua intervista.

E adesso possiamo vedere (e ascoltare) quanto ci interessa sapere sul meraviglioso librone, The Fairest One Of All: The Making of Walt Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, nel video sotto, presentato dal suo autore, J.B. Kaufman, che ha impiegato anni per ricercare notizie, immagini, confrontare interviste etc.

Si dice che sia il miglior libro di tutti i tempi sul cimena d’animazione.

Grazie a Cartoon Brew, che ha avuto l’esclusiva del video.

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Alcuni giudizi sul fantastico libro su Biancaneve:

“Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the true landmarks of film history. JB Kaufman’s book The Fairest One of All is by far the most complete telling yet of the making of this spectacular film, which paved the way for a medium and industry that has been healthy and vibrant for 75 years.

Filled with phenomenal stories, details, and artwork, this book is a treasure equal to that of the movie itself. If you love Snow White, Disney, or animation, this book is a must-have.”

John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios


“What a magnificent achievement! No one has ever explored the making of this milestone feature with such thoroughness, or with the ability to place it in the larger context of movie history as well as the Disney timeline.
I learned a lot, and I’m sure other Disney aficionados will echo my praise.”

Leonard Maltin, Film Critic and Historian


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the one that started it all, setting such a high bar that animated films today still struggle to match its creative and technical artistry. As this thoroughly researched book reveals, its success was no accident. No detail was too small to escape the scrutiny of Walt Disney and his staff. J.B. Kaufman provides a jackpot of information and stories about the amazing people who made this pioneering film.”

Pete Docter, Academy Award-winning Director of Up and Monsters, Inc.


“A tour de force of historical research and insightful writing about the making of one of the greatest films ever! The text of author J.B. Kaufman’s gorgeously illustrated book is comprehensive, scholarly, and entertaining, filled with myriad details about Snow White, from folk tale to film and beyond.”

John Canemaker, Academy Award-winning Director of The Moon and the Son


Per finire, anche se è OT, cinque domande a Diane Disney Miller.

In Italia, forse una testata importante celevrerà a suo modo la ricorreza del settantacinquennale dell’uscita del lungometraggio…
Ma bisogna attendere l’imminenza del Natale.


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