Uomo ragno

Con la scomparsa di Moebius, molti operatori del settore, o creativi in genere, hanno affidato a Twitter i loro pensieri.

Ne riporto alcuni.

Joe Quesada:
“R.I.P Moebius, perhaps one of the greatest artist to ever walk this earth.”

Enrico Casarosa:
“How sad! The Moebius strip wasn’t infinite after all … RIP Jean Giraud. You’ve influenced generations of drawers!”

Mariana Zeballos:
Entrevista a Jean Giraud, más conocido por su pseudónimo MOEBIUS. Larga vida, maestro donde estés

Tony Moore:
“I can’t believe Moebius is dead. I was certain he was a force of nature. I don’t have words for the depth of this loss for our art form.”

Amélie Plectrude:
Comics world is in mourning, may his talent rest in peace.


Tom Spurgeon:
“until his passing, Moebius was one of the tiny handful of artists that could be argued was our greatest living comics-maker”

Jaime Hernandez (uno dei Bros, grazie ad alino):

“The only time I met Moebius was in Angouleme…

“… He was shocked when my brother told him we lived in the San Fernando valley because he did too…

“… He said we should get together back in the states but we never did. Same old story. So long, Moebius.”

“宮崎さんとメビウスさんにインタービューです。Interview with #Miyazaki and #Moebius. #宮崎駿 #メビウス”


Aaron Stewart-Ahn:
“Jean Giraud aka Moebius did this drawing of Nausicaa for Hayao Miyazaki. A titan of the imagination, RIP”

Scott Morse:
“Bummed about Moebius. May another legend rest in peace.”

Louie del Carmen:
“RIP master JEAN “Moebius” GIRAUD. Thank you for inspiring us with your artistic wizardry and for your unique sense of humor. Here’s the complete EVENING WITH MOEBIUS vid from CTN Expo 2010 hosted by John Musker:”

L’immagine di apertura mostra, ovviamente, Spider-Man di Moebius. © Marvel Comics.

Elektra moe

Parlano di lui anche Jim Lee, Stan lee (nessuna parentela fra i due, ovviamente), un Mike Mignola irriconoscibili rispetto a quado ci incontrammo (ma erano gli anni Novanta) e svariati altri nel documentario della BBC Moebius Redux, che è embeddato below.

CTN Talent Reel from Creative Talent Network on Vimeo.

Amid Amidi fa notare su Cartoon Brew che…

he also contributed to a number of animation projects including Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, Space Jam and Time Masters (sotto).