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In USA, la Dark Horse ha appena licenziato un’edizione extra-lussuriosa versione cofanettata di The Life And Times Of Martha Washington In The Twenty-First Century, di Frank Miller e Dave Gibbons: una gigantesca raccolta di tutto il ciclo Give Me Liberty con annessi e connessi.


Lo scrittore Cory Doctorow così lo recensisce nell’imperdibile blog Boing Boing, più o meno nei giorni stregato di Halloween:

Give Me Liberty is the story of Martha Washington, a kid from a futuristic version of Chicago’s notorious Cabrini Green projects, simply called “The Green“, who joins the US Army in order to escape from poverty.
Martha finds herself serving in the army of a country locked in a death-spiral, plagued by political assassination, partisan division, secessionists, cynical corporatism…
Her military education becomes a political education and on the way, Miller and Gibbons impart a raging, angry story about corruption and injustice, paced so relentlessly that I found myself buying the single issues between the collections and re-reading them looking for clues as to what might come nex

Miller created Give Me Liberty for Dark Horse after he jumped ship from DC, for whom he had made a fortune with his noir Batman: Dark Knight books, which changed the field forever. DC loved what Miller had done, but they wanted to impose restrictions on his creativity intended to assuage blue-noses who were worried that comics might corrupt the kiddees. Miller told them to pound sand and went to Dark Horse and created this remarkable story, which prefigures some of the best sf comics written since, including Ellis‘s brilliant Transmetropolitan and Brian Wood‘s fantastic DMZ.

E adesso, musica!
Per chi l’ha apprezzata nel video su Dylan Dog, ecco ancora Cat Power con il video (piuttosto unplugged) Crying, Waiting, Hoping.